Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

“A trip to the library is like coming home and going on an adventure at the same time.” ― Megan Shepherd


Meet Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars for 2019Rangefinder

15 Photographers Reveal What’s Hidden in Their WorkAperture

With 6,000 Photos on Slide Film, He Masters TimeDaily Herald

Can Photojournalists Really Be Objective?Artsy

A Filmmaker Bared His Soul. It Ruined His LifeNYT Magazine

How VR Is Helping Seniors Breathe New Life Into Old MemoriesNBC

Some Rules on How to Take Great PicturesCarelessly Curated

What’s Left of Conde Naste?New York Magazine

What Happens to Creative Projects That Are Cut Short?Ignant

The Photographer Selling His Artistic Identity on eBayWe & Color

Gordon Willis on Running a SetAmerican Society of Cinematographers

The Golden Age of TV Is Over Slate

Getty’s Big Change PDN

Is Sony Losing the Specs War It Started? PetaPixel

Is VR the Key to Fighting Misinformation?Calvert Journal

Documenting a Different Side of 1970s New York CityAnOther

Augmenting Creativity: Decoding AI & Generative ArtArtnome

American Origami Conscientious Photographer

When Wedding Photography Meets ‘Ruin Porn’New York Times

The Fascinating History of the Color WheelMy Modern Met

TECH: The Week in Photo Tech | Nikon Z 6 & 14-30mm Lens Review

BUYER’S GUIDE: Essential Gear for Your Photo Studio

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The impact of creativity can be profound. Musician and TED Fellow Muthoni Drummer Queen shares how industries like music, film and fashion provide a platform for Africans to broadcast their talents.

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