Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

“You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious about the world.” ― Tim Gunn


“Photography Has Come to Save My Life Twice” – Rocket Science

All You Need to Know About Attending Photo ReviewsTira Khan

When a 74-Year-Old Artist and 25-Year-Old Photographer CollabVice

Why I Let My Subjects Help Edit My Photo Book PDN

A Coachella Portrait Photographer DishesDesert Sun

The Photographer Bringing Dream Logic to PortraitureThe Cut

Geniuses Work More Than OthersMentorless

The Cost of Access in Documentary FilmmakingReal Screen

How to Protect Your Photos on Social MediaRangefinder

Digital Media Is Dying and It’s Facebook & Google’s FaultAm Prospect

Shooting a Film By Candle Light and Oil LampNo Film School

5 Critical Elements Every Scene Hinges On Noam Kroll

Winograd & Wall: Photography in Two Phases New Yorker

The Art of the Personal Project: Fernando DecillisA Photo Editor

What Will Films Look Like in 20 Years?BBC

Pushing the Boundary of Absurdist PhotographyVice

The Photographs That Paved the Way for Apollo 11 WIRED

Apple Is No Longer the iPhone CompanyTom’s Guide

POTD: The Eyes of Pop Culture

Tech: Canon’s New Mirrorless Prime | Photoshop B&W Trick

Partner Post: How My Camera Shapes My Life

Deals: Nikon Mother’s Day Savings



Real Sports examines the work of extreme sports photographers who risk as much as their subjects, with none of the glory.

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